Quality Policy

Our company has been operating a Quality Management System in complience with TS-EN ISO 9001:2015.. 
Because of our phylosophy “Quality can not be defined, but can be experienced” , all production steps run through a strict quality process with the cooperation of our Laboratory & Quality Control departments. 
Product Quality Process : 
1 ) Raw Material Analyses ; all determinations of raw materials like Density Test, Oil Aniline-Point Test etc. Made by our Laborants & referance values are confirmed before sending them to the Compound Preparation department. 
2) Compound Controls ; each lot of prepared rubber compounds are subjected to various tests in Laboratory by “Rheometer” like Homogeneousity, min.Viscosity, max.Torque (hardness), Scorch Values, Vulcanisation Time etc. & after approval of all referance values confirmity can be sent to Trial- production line. 
3) Trial-Production ; the sample of trial-production runs through intensive performance tests in Laboratory like Tensile Strength, Elongation at Break, Modulus of Elasticity, Deformation, Ozone Resistance, Hardness and Density values etc. After approval of all referance values confirmity, all parameters are fixed and allowed to serial-production. 
4) Final Controls ; each production lot is subjected to final-control steps like Finishing, Dimensional Controls etc. before packing and sending to warehouse till delivery. 
( Each lot is identified by giving an identification number during all above steps for backswept following in future )